Sunday, May 25, 2014

Green Blocks

So May is coming to an end and I still have so much green scraps I could use up.  I started with the 2 projects that use solid fabric.  The 8  granny square blocks I made and I still have a lot of strips left.  I'm thinking just all green blocks would make a nice quilt and I have lots of green solid fabric.  But time is short so I have to put the brakes on to that idea.  Just to busy with work and outside fun during the summer to get to much sewing done.

Here are some of the blocks from great granny all mixed together.

 Made a big star block out of green.

 A few windmill and double hour glass blocks out of green.

 And 8 bird boxes blocks.  I sewed on the borders and checked out how they are looking with all the colors together.

I can't believe that almost 5 months of the rainbow scrap challenge is over already.   My projects are starting to really come together.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challange Last Purple Blocks

I can't believe how many purple blocks I made this week.

I made 4 purple bird boxes blocks.  I then worked on the sashing
Here are a few of the blocks with the sashing.  I feel pretty good about the
way this quilt is turning out.  Kind of a combination of a couple different quilts
that I seen on pinterest.

9 star blocks
5 windmill blocks
 6 hour glass blocks

And 5 more horny crumb blocks.  I just sew up all the odds and ends up at the end of the month
and I end up with what I end up with.

Linking up with everyone else doing the RSC at soscrappy HERE

Saturday, April 19, 2014

20'' Star

The 4th block of the star quilt is done.  I love putting these blocks up on the design wall.  Its coming together so nice.  And the scrap fabric I'm using for the back ground I'm still happy with.  Love finding a perfect place for that fabric I never thought I would use.(I know it's a little funky but I really hoard my white/neutral background fabrics hate having to buy more)I'm thinking maybe trying a raspberry block.  Fabric that's kinda pink and kinda purple.  Thinking ahead I'm going to make 9 blocks so green, red, orange, yellow and then I'll need one more so I'm going to audition raspberry.

This is one of my on going rainbow scrap challenge projects for 2014.  To check out what everyone else is sewing on check them out here at Soscrappy.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

April is Purple for RSC

April is purple month.  Last month I had time to do some fabric organizing and sorting.  I now have my cut strips and squares sorted by color and then by size.  It is very handy.  I do have some organizing left to do with a few of the smaller squares.

I started with these granny square blocks this month.  I'm using different scrap solids for the outside of the blocks.  I have quite a few different colors and none of them big enough for a project. So I thought this would be a great way to use them up.

linking up with everyone else doing the rainbow scrap challenge HERE

Friday, March 21, 2014

Aiming For Accuracy

Week 2 of my finish a flimsy quilt challenge.  I got one done last week just a little late in posting it.   This quilt was a quilt along from last Fall called Aiming for Accuracy.  It was a free quilt a long from Michele Foster the pattern is now for sale on craftsy HERE for 12$.  Thanks to this quilt I finally learned how to set my sewing machine to a perfect 1/4 seam.  Got out the manual and figured it out.  Since then my quilt piecing has been going sooooooooo sooooooo much better.  I was amazed when
I sewed this quilt and all the seam lined up perfect.  Before My seams where always alittle wider then they should've been.  Making all my blocks a little small so learning to set the sewing machine has let me increase my enjoyment of quilting.  Back to the quilt.  I had one seam across the quilt to sew yet.  Then add and piece the 3 borders.  Cut the binding and the top is now sewed up.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Benjamin Franklin Quilt

This weekend I worked on some BOM blocks  from the Benjamin Franklin Mystery Quilt by Erik at Homemade Coffee Break ezine.  I found the BOM in December and fell in love with it.  But it was started I'm guessing at least a year ago.  They are on block 20 with 2 or 3 months left.  So I have some catching up to do.  This weekend I made another 7 blocks so I have 11 blocks done, almost.  I may redo one or 2 (top center). A couple of these need sashing/borders on them but,  I'm waiting on the borders till I get a better feel on the color/fabric placement when the quilt layout will be revealed in a couple months.  And they all need a good press and alittle trim.  For fabric I started with a white fabric that has a red pin strip on it.  Then picked a navy and a red as main fabrics.  Then I fill in with scraps.  I try to use a little of the main navy and red in each block so that even though it's a scrappy quilt something pulls it all together.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challange

Didn't think I could do this many blocks with the little bit of Teal I could find.  Aqua and teal are just colors I don't really sew with.  Linking up with Saturday RSC

Friday, March 14, 2014

BOMs and Quilt Alongs

It's that time when all the new quilt alongs are starting.  There are so many out there.  This year  I am just in the mood to do a bunch.  I think doing my first Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt did it to me.  In December I Started bookmaking all the Quilt Alongs I could find I narrowed it down to these 10.   I had a lot longer list.  Now  I need a organized way to keep track of the web sites so I don't lose them so I thought I would just list them on my blog.  I know I will not do all of these but I don't want to lose the maybe ones.   Here they are in no real order.

1.....Benjamin Franklin Mystery Quilt from Erik at Homemade Coffee Break ezine  It's a block of the month that I started in January.  He posts the free pattern every month on his blog.  I have 4 blocks done but the blog is up to block 20.  I'm late to start. I have some catching up to do.  They will give the finale layout I think in about 3 months then give you a couple weeks to finish up so I hope I'm caught up by then.  After this block of the month they are going to start another one.  I really like this BOM its in red white and blue and I love the blocks and the fabric that Eric has used.

2......Little Bunny Quilts Starburst quilt along This quilt along is just done and is now for sale on craftsy.  I have all the block patterns saved so I can do it when ever.  I love the stars they are trickier piecing then I'm used to some are paper pieced inside seams etc.. and think they would be a challenge.  Haven't started this one but it's still on the maybe someday list.  Towards the bottom.

3.......Mc Calls Make It Your Way Quilt Along.  I started this one and I am caught up so far.  They post a new part every Friday  And it's 5 to 6 hours to get it done each week.  Most of my weekend sewing time. It runs until the last week in April .  So I'm hoping that I can get this done before I get really busy with work this spring.  I like this one they have a printed direction and a video direction every week.  The quilt has a center medallion layout that is a little more interesting then the standard Sampler BOM.  Don't think they'll mind if  I share a pic of the project.  This also is free.

4....................Legend and Lace Baskets Galore BOM  They are on block 8 I like about every other basket block so don't know if I want to make this one.  I am saving the block directions and may make a small or baby quilt out of just the blocks that I like.  The patterns are free I get an email every month I then follow the link to get the pattern emailed to me.  You have to save the pattern from the email with in 2 days before the link stops working.

5................Pat Sloan Globetrotting A free block of the month that started in January I can only say
I love it so far.  I am using red and white fabric and so far not counting the first large center block the blocks are easy and take about an hour to make.  So an hour a month is do able.

6...............Wishes Quilt along by Jolly Jabber

This one looks easy enough I like the scale of the blocks.  The patterns are free on the blog but they ask you to make a donation to make a wish on there blog donation page.  It's a BOM one block a month till December.  I do really want to do this one but I need to finish and get caught up one a few things before I dig a deeper hole.

7..... Quilters Newsletter has a star BOM called Ooh Rah.  It's free also and in blue and white.   I do have lots of blue to use up out of my stash so this one is tempting.

8.......Curlicue Creations Blog posts a 12" star quilt block of the month.  She is up to block 8.
Use them how you want.  They are fun to look at.

9.........Little Bunny Quilts Quilters Choice Quilt Along.  Started March 10 and they will post a free block every other week till July 28.  Quilters vote on the next block.
10......Judy at Patchwork Times has a  quilt along  called Tell It To The Stars  I like the quilts that 
Judy makes and plan on making this quilt as soon as I can decide on fabric.  Just can't decide.  I think the quilt will be more of a medallion setting.

So that's 10 BOM/quilt alongs I would like to do.  But that's way too many.  I'm doing 4 for sure.   Patchwork Times,  Mc Calls,  Pat Sloan,  and Eric's Benjamin Franklin  And who knows after that we'll see how these go for the next few months.  By then 2 of them should be done.  Then I'll see if
I think I can add another one or 2.