Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Great Find

What have  I been working on.  Washing, ironing, folding, and cutting fabric. About a month ago I bought these 5 grey tubs at a garage sale.  I was on my way home and turned at a garage sale sign went to that garage sale and was trying to find my way back to the main road when I happened upon a second garage sale so I stopped at that one also.  I found a couple things and was paying when I noticed these 5 grey tubs sitting there and the word fabric written in sharpie on the top of the lid.

I ask is there fabric in the tubs.  The 2 ladies explained that the tubs belonged to their grandmother and she was a prolific quilter.  She had passed away and since no one in the family sewed they were selling her fabric.  They wanted to sell all of it to one person for 50 dollars.  So I peeked in the top tub.  It had black and grey double knit on top and other non quilt fabric yuck nothing great.  I checked the second tub.  Filled to the top with quilting fabric.  Large pieces, name brands as bad as the first tub was this one made up for it. Not wanting to really dig through all the tubs I peeked in the third tub it also had quilt fabric in it.  I gave it a quick smell test.  No smoke or musty smell.  Great, it didn't matter what was in the last 2 tubs I was in love with the fabric in these 2 tubs.  So I bought it with out looking at the last 2 tubs.  I really wanted to break out in a happy dance.  I was so excited with this great find.

What did I get for my 50 dollars........
the 2 large bags of fiberfill  and a pkg of quilt batting that was sitting beside the tubs
5 large grey plastic tubs
15 spools of Coats and Clark sewing thread
4 spools of  hand quilting thread
3 doll clothes patterns
lots of fusible interfacing all kinds, with the directions grandma was an applique quilter
Zippers, lace, rick rack, buttons and a variety of other sewing trims
about 20 orphan blocks
A tub of non quilty fabric that I kept
(the rest of the non quilty I didn't think I would use went right to the Goodwill)Before  I could change my mind on it.
2 queen sizes flat sheets new in the pkg yet
and about 3 gallons of smaller fabric scraps I still have to cut up into squares and strips

Now to the good stuff.....................
160 yards (yes I measured) of what I graded as quilt worthy fabric  it comes out to about .31cents @ yard.
Pictures of a few of my goodies. I'm guessing it's older fabric at least 5 to 6 years old I don't think any of it is really old.  Mostly all small scaled prints that I love, tone on tone no novelty prints I just could not be happier with it.  The Grandmother had good taste in fabric!!!

This is the best piece.......9 yards of this fabric what a great neutral.

Not bad for me I don't usually go to garage sales.


Unknown said...

this is great

Web developer said...

Nice one!

Melwyk said...

Oh my gosh, what a lucky stop! I bet Grandma is so happy to have another quilter taking care of her stash now :) What wonderful fabrics.

Jenny said...

Wow - what a bargain!!

Sally Langston Warren said...

Wow, what a nice surprise! The fabricholic in me had to zoom in on your photos to see the fabrics up close. Saw some I have and lots I would love to have! So nice the fabric stash is appreciated by someone. We all know that is what's going to happen to our stash when we depart this life......hopefully someone who appreciates it will get it!