Sunday, May 25, 2014

Green Blocks

So May is coming to an end and I still have so much green scraps I could use up.  I started with the 2 projects that use solid fabric.  The 8  granny square blocks I made and I still have a lot of strips left.  I'm thinking just all green blocks would make a nice quilt and I have lots of green solid fabric.  But time is short so I have to put the brakes on to that idea.  Just to busy with work and outside fun during the summer to get to much sewing done.

Here are some of the blocks from great granny all mixed together.

 Made a big star block out of green.

 A few windmill and double hour glass blocks out of green.

 And 8 bird boxes blocks.  I sewed on the borders and checked out how they are looking with all the colors together.

I can't believe that almost 5 months of the rainbow scrap challenge is over already.   My projects are starting to really come together.

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