Monday, March 03, 2014

Strings and Crumbs

I like to save sewing string and crumb blocks for the last week of the month.  This month went a lot better then last month.  I gave up on backing the blocks with paper and just sewed them up.  I started with strings and sewed all the pinks strings together added a few fresh fabric cuts here and there.  Cut the sewn strings to size for my string blocks.  Then used the left over  ends for the center of my horney crumb blocks.  Ended up with 5 of each block.  Now on to the new color for March Aqua/Teal.  Linking Up with everyone else at  

Okay this is my first year doing the RSC I have catching up to do and I got a little ambitious with a lot of projects.  I'm up to 10 with 5 or 6 more I would love to add.  It's was just sooooooooo hard to pick.  Oh well I may have to make some 2 year projects.  Anyway how do you organize you RSC projects.  I came up with this.  2 baskets, one has the projects that have not added the new color of the month.  The other has the projects that are done for the month.  As you see all done with pink so everyone is in the done basket.  As I do aqua for March I will put them in the other basket.

Then I have to keep track of the instructions for all these projects.  So I started a RSC Journal.

Each project has it's own page.  Here is the page for the Colorado blocks.  I have a picture of a few finished blocks I plan on doing a lot bigger quilt but the picture does show a rainbow layout.  Don't know where the picture came from I saved it off Pinterest.  Wish I could give credit to the right person.  I then added a piecing diagram and color placement.  Cutting directions, which stitch I used on my sewing machine and the width setting I used to get the perfect 1/4 inch seam.  I still need to add the size of the finished block , what size to square blocks up to.  And then decide on a size and layout so I know how many blocks I will need to finish.
 Here is another page with the windmill blocks that I am making.  It's just nice to have the directions for all the projects in one place.  And I can add or edit or add extra directions as the projects develop.  I set the journal on the cutting table when I cut pieces, and on the sewing table when I piece.  Turn the page and on to the next project.  And there are a lot of blank pages for lots more projects.


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I love your organizing ideas! Especially the journal as it can be hard to keep on track with monthly projects.

Karen said...

So many pretty pinks. Pink lacks in my stash.