Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Sewing

This weekend I got back into my sewing room.  I have decided to really claim this room as my sewing room. ( we just moved a couple of months ago my husband is a home builder we move a lot and have decided to stay here for for a couple of years I hope) I hung a few things on the walls and pinned a quilt batting on the wall for a design wall.  I really miss the one I had hung in the old house.  I pulled a couple of UFO's to focus on and started on Judy's Sunny Side Up Quilt along    HERE  I like sewing on more then one project at a time.
  I put the crazy geese blocks on the design wall.  (This about half of the quilt width)The concept was to make the geese part of the blocks scrappy or crazy blocks the wings a light fabric then to sew the blocks in 4 double rows of geese with sashing in between the rows and a border.  A real  sash buster quilt with out to much fussy piecing or planning.  I'm auditioning sashing fabric and widths on the wall  I like this width and love this fabric but there is not enough of it so I am at a point to decide to go scrappy on the sashing or pick a different fabric to use as the sashing hmmm.  What to do.

Here is my sewing table I pulled out a card table to use as a temporary worktable to lay out a few project to concentrate on.  ( My knees just didn't want to use the floor) I have my geese blocks, ocean wave blocks and the yellow is the start of Sunny Side Up.  There they are  laying  out and waiting to for me to sew them up.  Like I said I like to sew a few projects at one time guess it's not as boring for me that way.

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Quilty Conscience said...

Love love love your scrappy geese. I make lots of scrap quilts but seldom use up my darker colors. You have inspired me! Now I can't wait to make a quilt similar to yours. Thanks for sharing! Toni

Chris said...

Great geese! I also like working on multiple quilts at once. I average four at a time which makes it a lot slower to get a single one done.