Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Quilts In Progress

The year is half up I'm reviewing my quilt progress and setting my focus for the rest of the year. So I finally get some of these quilts completed. My quilt project list July 1, 2011
Finished quilts in 2011
1 Broken dishes
2 Spools
3 Grey String
Quilts needing Binding Only
1 Green Pink
2 Green Strip
3 Red Yellow Crazy Squares
Hand Quilting
1 Amish log Cabin
2 Snowflake
3 Wedding Ring
Backed and Basted ( ready to quilt)
1 Cleo Baskets
2 Red String
3 Saw Blade
4 Civil War
5 Pinwheel
6 Bolero
7 Star BOM
8 Dresden Plate
9 Snails Tail
10 Green Coin Crazy
11 Green Square Off
Flimsys with Backs (not basted)
1 Blue Variable Star
2 Blue Stepping Stone
3 Bars
4 Chris Cross
5 Black Stars
6 Blue Texas 2 Step
7 Cake Stand
8 Green String
Flimsys (tops only)
1 Hearth and Home
2 Rust Sampler
3 Pine Burr
4 Pink Betty Baskets
5 Grandmothers Garden
6 Mom Sampler
1 Jacobs Chain
2 Poinsettia
3 Snowballs and 9 Patches
4 Dear Jane
5 Crazy Blue Stars
6 Ocean Waves
7 Log Cabin
8 Flag Quilt
9 Pineapple Medallion
10 Crazy Flying Geese
11 Crazy Coin Strips
45 projects in progress
For the remainder of the year goals.
1 To get 12 quilts completely done this year. I have 3 I guess that makes 9 more to go.
2 I would like to get my quilts I'm piecing down to 5 so I need to piece up 6 to reach that goal.
There all in black and white hope it helps motivate some progress.


Ginette said...

Wow! Lots of quilts. It helps to break the list down like you have done. You go girl!

Andra Gayle said...

your list looks a lot like mine- LONG