Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year Reflections and Goals

New Year Reflections and Goals

I was thinking of sewing goals and stash busting goals. I'm not making any this year I have one in mind though, for the future the distant future.

It's to use that last little crumb of fabric up. Wouldn't that feel great!! I know it would never happen.

Now some people have 5 year goals and ten year goals. I think this would be about a 15 year goal. I'll reason it out for ya. I make about 10 quilts a year. I guess that I have enough fabric in my stash to make 100 quilts give or take a few depending on size. It would take me ten years to make that 1oo quilts. I have 50 quilts started. Ten a year would be another 5 years. Add together that's 15 years of sewing. If I'm lucky because you know I would have to make a few purchases sooner or later. I'm low on light colored fabric already.

Just something to think about when you're at the fabric store feeding your stash.


LC said...

Isn't it the truth... will we live long enough to make all the ideas in our heads... never mind the fabric hiding around the house... and what about that stuff we bought way back when and now wonder why? Is it too ugly to use? Oh, Lizzy... you are in my head!!

Jeanne said...

Very thought-provoking! I know I already won't live long enough to use all my fabric and finish all my ideas ... but I keep adding more of both!