Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Year Start a New Quilt

Hey it's a new year why not start a new quilt. I really like scrappy quilts. But I try to control the color scheme a little. This is my tub of scrap triangles. I have a lot of the green ones more then what's in the picture. They are cut off from another quilt and one of my favorite fabrics from my stash.

I found this ocean waves quilt and thought I would try a sample block and see if I liked it or not.(I like it) The books directions uses a 8'" block in the center. But to use my green triangles I needed to adjust and use a 6" center. Means I'll be sewing a few extra blocks.

I don't know if you can see in the picture the quilt has lime green triangles that form a square when the blocks are put together. I liked this I love bright green. But my quilt will have a lot of greens and the squares would get lost and not show up.
So I'm going to use this red. Although I like the squares I hope It won't look funny because on 2 side the red is out of pattern. Hope it doesn't look like a mistake. This quilt is for sure going to have that home made old antiquey look because no way are all those points going to line up and HST sometimes can get a little wonky.

I copied the directions so I don't lose them. Thought I'd show this. Don't know how everyone else keeps track of their quilt plans. After I make a few more blocks I add my own notes/hints and shortcuts Knowing it may take years to finish this quilt. And I forget.

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LC said...

This is really pretty. Good for you figuring out how to make it smaller and taking a whack at those scraps!