Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Design Wall Monday
I have a designs wall at last. After thinking about it for a month or so. I know it's not much but it works. I decided to put it behind the door so its out of view when you look in to the room. If hubby doesn't see it I won't have to explain it to him.

Here is the string quilt blocks I am just starting. A month ago or so I bought a bag of sewing odds and ends(fabric, thread. lace, ribbon, zippers, and bias tape pkgs). The bias tape intrigued me. I will never use them for the purpose they were meant. Some are wide and I am going to use them as the center strip for the string blocks, see the grey. (I did wash a couple pieces and they didn't shrink so I'm safe on that front.)There are about 4 shades of grey and if they run out I could do the outside blocks in navy or light blue I'll wait to see what I end up with.

And on the floor is Judy's one Hour Quilt. I'm still a couple hours behind.


Janet said...

Your are lucky to find a space for your design wall. I'm still trying. Have fun planning and sewing.

Jeanne said...

I like your colors for the One Hour quilt. The 'medium' background is working out real well. I'm still plugging along on my set of outer border squares.