Monday, September 28, 2009

2009 Stash Report

I've been cleaning my stash and trying to get an amount of how much fabric I really have. I moved it to this bookshelf with the hope all the folded fabric would fit. I am over by about 80 yds Besides the folded fabric I have precut strips in the plastic drawers and precut squares in the small drawers on the shelve.

My report this week used 2 yds 27". Didn't add anything
So for the year I've busted 31yds 27".


LC said...

The stash looks good in your bookshelf. I love my books, but am seriously considering using my bookshelves for fabric and putting my books in the closet where the fabric is... mmm?

Jackie said...

Your fabric looks wonderful all stacked in the bookshelf!

Janet said...

How can we stop buying. No matter how much of my stash I use, it still doesn't seem to diminish. We are addicted. HELP!