Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Still Here Just Busy

I'm still here just been really busy. My husband is a house builder and the house we are working on now is at that busy stage. Painting woodwork, picking out cabinets , flooring, lights, touch ups, odds and ends but the end is getting nearer. Then in the middle of that we sell the house we're living in. Yeah at last something sells. First the closing date was set for Sept 2. No problem we can finish this last house and have plenty of time to move in. It's a ranch very similar to the one we area in now. Then the buyers want to move the date. First Aug 9 then Aug 6 then July 29 and last July 24 yikes. They said the people buying their house had to have that date or the deal would fall through. Okay so we are moving in to the other finished spec house. It's a 2 story and has 4 bed rooms. What will I do with all those rooms. Let's see a real sewing room with a window not just a storage closet in the basement. I am trying to take a load over every morning then on to my other work. Today I moved over a bunch of my sewing stuff. Sigh, sigh, I would so love to have a sewing day play with my fabric set up my new sewing room. But I have way to much to do and get done. Can't wait till August I'll be moved and be caught up with work.


ForestJane said...

Wow, you DO sound busy!

Love the blue star quilt in the post before, too. :)

Ye Merrie Quilter said...

Is the move into the spec house a temporary move, or permanent? I hope you don't have to move too often! I hate moving and would rather do it once every decade--or less.
Good luck!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

You must be young and healthy to work the way you do.You move every year, yes? OOOh!