Thursday, July 23, 2009

Basket Weave String

I've gotten all moved just not real organized yet. I've been trying to do a little sewing everyday it may only be 10 min. Here are some of the string blocks I've been working on I started these last winter. I always have a string project going other wise the strings just over populate. I fountained pieced these on fabric and don't think I will do it that way again. It makes the quilt heavy and this would be a quilt I would like to use every day and wash a lot I like a lighter feel to my quilts. The blocks need some kind of base to keep them from getting wonky. I've done one using phone book pages. And you tear off the paper when it's done. I liked not having that extra fabric in that one but, hated taking the time to rip off the paper. It also made a mess.

Here is one side of my new sewing room every day it looks different. I get it cleaned up and the floor clear. Then I get out another box and spread it all over and have a mess again. But hopefully I will end up with a organized space someday.


Janet said...

Nice look. I don't think you needed to use foundation piecing. Even now there is no reason to attach paper to the back while sewing them together. If you feel you need more stability just use spray starch. It easily washes out later.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I use a very thin muslin to foundation piece my strings over and it feels heavy at the time, but after it's quilted it doesn't! And sometimes I will use fleece as backing without batting, or a very very thin batting, and you would get the lighter feel.

Anonymous said...

I've also heard of people using thin cheapo interfacing as a foundation. I don't mind heavier quilts myself so I just use muslin for mine, but many thanks for reminding me of a layout I've always liked!

Donna D., Hemet, CA

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I've tried fabric (heavy) and phone book pages (you are right - a pain to rip out, plus if my son does the ripping he pops some of the stitches too). I think next time I might use a water soluable foundation and wash it once it is altogether and see how that works. I like your blocks though - always a great pattern for scraps!