Monday, April 06, 2009

Some Organizing

This is how I've been keeping my projects organized I have more containers with projects but no room on the dresser to add them. I just don't have the shelve space to store them this way. They also do not look very neat or tidy. It's handy to have them sorted this way though. But
I've let myself get too many.

Okay I put most of the projects in grocery, plastic or zip bags. I have a few more tubs to clean out yet. I was able to put the sacks in this one larger tub. Let's call it the pig pen.(PIGS projects in grocery sacks)I thought it was really funny!! I have my pigs in the pen. And last I dug out this basket. Looks nice on the shelve instead of all different kinds of tubs. I was able to put 3 of the projects I'm piecing into it. I like sewing more then one project at a time. The plan is to work on the projects in the basket. I can scoop every thing back in the basket real quick and put it on the shelve for the realtor for a house showing. Then take the basket down and start right in sewing after the showing. Hope it works. When I finish piecing a top/project I can then add a pig/project from the pig pen and start working on it. I hope I can follow through on this for awhile.


Silverthimble said...

I love the "pig pen"! LOL

Ove said...

Hello, I am surfing around in the Quilt-world for my wife. She is quilting and I am blogging. We have just been visiting a big store here in Scandinavian, IKEA, and they have a lot of plastic boxes usefull for storage fabrics.

Best Regards

Svein Ove