Sunday, April 05, 2009

2009 Stash Report Week 14

Added this Week: 0 yds
Fabric Added Year to Date: 26 yds 18"Fabric

Used this Week: 1 yds 5"
Fabric Used Year to Date: 53 yds
Fabric Busted from Stash This Year: 32 yards 14"

The fabric I used was for Bears in the Farm house quilt from Judy. I have the last border to sew on yet. I did finish this flag quilt it's small 14 x 20 and one other smaller crib sized quilt this week. Didn't use any stash to finish these because the fabric was already cut. I'm afraid to set goals for the week it looks to be a busy week, plus Realtors showing the house off and on its hard to get time to really get into anything. And then knowing I might have to pick it all up right away to show the house. I'm used to leaving a project or 2 on my sewing table for weeks till it's done or I start on something else. I might have to come up with something a project basket or box to dump stuff in real quick then it's there when I'm ready to start again. I am really trying to focus on working on one project and getting it totally done instead of to a point and storing them away half done so I can start on something new.


Stephanie D. said...

That's what I'm guilty of doing--stopping before it's done.
Maybe a basket that you can toss your project in and then cover with a pretty scarf would look more like a decorative accessory and no one would be the wiser. Hope the house sells soon so you can relax about the clutter.

Brenda said...

Good for you, even finding the time to sew and keep that house ready to show. That alone is an accomplishement. I like the idea of having a basket for your project though, then it's won't be such an ordeal to be ready for the realators. And your goals this week is to have that house sold!!! ;-)!!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I see a Rubbermaid tote you can stash in your car in your future!

Anonymous said...