Thursday, December 04, 2008

HST Quilt

I finished the binding on the HST quilt last night. Here it is all done it measures 53 x 64. When I started my blog it was so I would have a record of the quilts I made. So here is the story of this quilt. This quilt started because after I sorted and cleaned out my scrap tub I had lots of triangles.

Here is my drawer of triangles. They are left over from different projects, end cuts, etc. To use them I just started sewing them together light and dark and then cutting them to size.

I ran out of light colored triangles so I made up a bunch more using a poka-dot fabric and a tan fabric with white flowers. Sewed all together randomly used more of the tan for a border and the binding and made the quilt. I think because there are quite a few of the same HST blocks of the same fabric it helps unify the whole quilt. And yet when you look at it as a whole you really don't notice how many of the blocks are the same. I'm surprised how little work and time this quilt took considering all the pieces. I just love the overall effect of the quilt.
I also love the way the back turned out I like spicing up the back a little


Paula said...

Love it!! I've always thought people who made this quilt were....well, I'm not saying, (LOL)but the way you did it makes it sound possible! Great job.

Caroline in NH said...

What a delightful quilt! I just started sewing some squares on the diagonals (for two HST) as a leader/ender project; haven't decided what to do with them once I'm done yet, but I'll remember your quilt for sure! Congratulations on a wonderful job!

Dionne said...

It's really turned out wonderful!

Carolyn said...

Gorgeous quilt! I may have to try it, thanks for the inspiration!

Teresa said...

What a marvelous quilt. I have wanted to make a scrappy charm quilt for a long time, but keep getting side tracked. I have been printing out the Judy's star blocks patterns but have not started making them yet. Yours look great!

heather said...

Congratulations on finishing your quilt!