Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dear Jane Organizing

I finished 2 triangle pieces this week. Then I got a little side tracked and sorted through my stash. It seams like I waste so much time looking for the right fabric for each block. First I have to figure out what color it should be so it fits in with the color lay out. Then I have to figure out which fabrics I haven't used yet. Some times I waste a half and hour to pick a fabric.
So I picked fabrics and look at blocks in the book checked the color lay out. I came up with this mess. I started with yellows and pulled all the yellows I wanted in my dear Jane quilt. I picked a block for each fabric then cut a strip for that block(only the color fabric). Some strips were 4 inches some where 2 inches depending on what that block needed. After I cut the strips I put the remaining fabric back in the stash. I had 3 left over yellows so I cut 5 inch strips off of each and set them aside for the border triangles. I then went on to the next color and so on. Each fabric has a tag pinned to it telling me where it goes g-8 m-4 etc. etc. And I have enough 5 inch strips set aside for the outside triangles. I hope this saves me lots of time from now on.

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call me crazy said...

Cool plan! I am hoping to start a Dear Jane in 09. :-)