Friday, November 09, 2007

9 Patches

This is a 9 patch cross. 9 patches set in a cross pattern. I'm almost done sewing up the 9 patch blocks. Hope to get them done today. And then lay out the quilt and sew it up. The squares in the 9 patches are cut 2" square. To give you a idea of the scale. I cut the muslin setting blocks at 5''. I'm hoping the greens and peaches in this quilt look good in my bedroom.


Libby said...

Love that setting . . . 9 patches are a lot of fun *s*

Karen Dianne Lee said...

This is fun! I like how this works. I'm about to make some nine patches myself with no idea what to do with them.

But here's an idea. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. *karendianne.

Jeanne said...

That's a very pretty layout for the nine patches! (which is my favorite quilt block) VBG