Monday, January 29, 2007


Just a note to let you know I'm going to be on vacation until the 10th of Feb. Going somewhere warmer then here. Today's high was5 degrees and a 30 mile an hour wind brrrrr. Spending some time in Utah, Las Vegas and Arizona. Hopefully Have a break from winter.

Didn't reach my January Quilting Goal of finishing 8 quilt tops that have been in progress for more then a year. I did get 4 done. I have 4 left and I did make a lot of progress on these. One just needs a border sewn on. A basket quilt that I'm still trying to decide on the layout. To add sashing or not I can't decide. I'm going to think on it while I'm on vacation. The pine burr quilt just has a lot of piecing to do I didn't realise it still had so much piecing left. And the last one the poinsettia quilt I just didn't get to it has inset corners and applique. A quilt I want to take my time on I enjoy a sewing challenge. I'm going to extend my goal to get these last 4 done by March 1st. I did get the 2 smaller projects done though.

I'll share vacation stuff with you when I return.


Norma said...

Congratulations on finishing 4 quilts this month! Enjoy your vacation!

Libby said...

8 quilts is a pretty lofty goal -- congrats on the finishes. Have a safe trip.

EileenKNY said...

Have a great vacation! The quilts will be there when you get home.:)

JudyL said...

Hope you're having a great vacation. Wish you'd have picked me up . . I could use some warmth and sunshine! :)

Finishing 4 quilts is quite an accomplishment!

Judy L.

Shelina said...

Hope you had a great time on your warm vacation Lizzy - although it would make it harder to readjust to the cold again.

Marcie said...

Hey, I have family in all those places! The trees look so pretty! The canyons are magnificent. And I could use some of that Arizona sunshine and warmth about now! Glad you had a good trip!