Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whirly Bird, Log cabin and Flying Geese

Here are 3 other quilts. that I have made.

The first is called whirly bird. I got the pattern from a quilt magazine. Machine pieced and hand quilted. I keep this on the bed at our lake cabin. The batting has extra loft and is nice and warm.

The second is a log cabin set in a windmill pattern. It's from a quilt book called Pieces from the Past. It's machine pieced and tied. My kids just love to use this quilt and it's getting very worn. I was planning on quilting it but never got to it. I love the pattern and would like to make another one some day.

The last quilt is a scrappy flying geese. The green strips were a scrap left over from some clothing I made and I barely had enough to Finnish. In fact I had another row of geese but couldn't use them because I didn't have enough green. This quilt I keep on the back of the couch it matches the colors in in the living room perfect. And it's wonderful to snuggle under on cold nights. It's machine pieced and hand quilted.

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