Wednesday, April 24, 2013

UFO's On Parade

For my progress on my UFO's I made a list and found a few pictures of the projects.

Decided to join in on getting my UFO's a little more under control.  Knowing  if  I plan to report every week
I might make some progress on them.

The list was a lot longer at one time. I have it down to 30. If I could get down to under 10 it would be great. The list to the best of my knowledge at this point in time...

1.) Hand Quilting------- Variable Star

Here's is a variable star quilt. Thought the pattern would be nice to show off some hand quilting. The blocks went together real fast. It was a nice way to save some favorite fabrics. I need to finish quilting and add the binding.

2.) Basted ----------Cake Stand. 

 The quilt is 55 x 45''. The binding will be the green that I used for the sashing corner squares. It looks different from the original plan. But the quilt is cute and soft in color. It will make a nice wall quilt or crib quilt.

3.)Basted -----------------Dresden Plate
 This is an old picture right now the quilt is basted and ready to machine quilt.

4.)  Basted --------------------Green Coin Crazy

5) Basted ----------------Freeze Frame

6.)Flimsy --------------------Pink On Point

7.) Basted --------------------Criss Cross 


8.) Basted --------------------Snowballs and 9 Patches 

9.) Flimsy-------------------- Blue Texas 2 Step 

10.) Flimsy------------------ Stepping Stones Blue/Yellow 

11.) Flimsy------------------- Green String 
12.) Flimsy ------------------Hearth and Home

13.)Flimsy -------------------Rust Sampler
14.) Flimsy------------------Crazy Blue Stars

15.) Flimsy------------------Blue Variable stars

16.) Flimsy-------------------Bars
17.) Flimsy------------------Black Stars
18.) Flimsy------------------Mom's Sampler
19.) Piecing  ---------------Granny Squares
20.)  Piecing  ---------------Blue Strings
21.)  Piecing  ---------------Pine Burr

22.)  Piecing  ---------------Jacob's Chain

23.)  Piecing  ---------------Poinsettia

24.)  Piecing  ---------------Dear Jane

25.)  Piecing  ---------------Ocean Waves

26.)  Piecing  ---------------Log Cabin

27.)  Piecing  ---------------Flag Quilt
28.)  Piecing  ---------------Pineapple Medallion

29.)  Piecing  ---------------Crazy Flying Geese
30.) Piecing  ---------------Scrappy Trips


Amy said...

Lizzy, You have some beautiful projects to pick from!

Melanie said...

Great projects -- You will be so proud of completing that first one. Wish it were mine. Working on UFO's is like finding an old friend. Finish at least one....You'll be so glad you did.

Frog Quilter said...

Lovely quilts!!! It seems you are as afflicted as me lol!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

You have some beautiful UFOs in your Collection! Such a great variety.

Susan said...

Your projects are all beautiful. Good luck with them all.
I admire that you are brave enough to post the list/pictures for the world to see. I myself am too embarassed to do that but I am finally plowing through my UFO pile in a serious way. I learned something interesting--some of the projects I had started years ago were really waiting for me to develop the skills needed to finish them. Good thing they were patient. :)