Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dear Jane Blocks

I enjoy making the Dear Jane blocks when I'm in the right mood. I know it's going to take along time to finish so I don't have any time frame in mind for finishing it. Just enjoying the process. Some of the blocks are so cute. I scanned the layout in the book to keep track of the blocks I have done and the fabric I used. I also pin the number on each block so I know who they are.


Libby said...

That's a great way to keep track of your progress. Some quilts are meant to be savored all the way from beginning to end . . . enjoy *s*

Jeanne said...

I did the same recording process on the copied layout. It took me nine years to finish my top. I only worked on it now and then. Good luck with the rest of your blocks.

Anonymous said...

I have signed up for a two year - 10 block a month program. It starts in January 2007. But last week I couldn't wait any longer and actually did 7 blocks. 6 are keepers as one I reversed the background and pink.
I am going to keep track of you for a while and see how you are doing.