Monday, January 06, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge of 2014

This year I am doing a fabric purge.  It's just time to clean out some stuff I've had for a while.  I do use Bonnie Hunter's scrap saver system.  But I never really use all the strips and squares I have pre cut.  My tubs are full.  But how and where to start.  So I'm thinking by just focusing on one color at a time I won't be so overwhelmed by my whole stash.  So joining in on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge will be great.   I'm glad blue was picked for the first month because it is the color I need to purge the most out of my stash.

The plan...
1. Pull all the fabric I have of the color of the month from the Rainbow Scrap challenge 2014 at  so scrappy

2. Use it in the projects.  Hopefully not to many new ones.

After lots of looking and narrowing down different patterns I decided to start with these 2.   Majestic mountains pattern from Quiltville's free patterns.  Haven't decided on which lay out yet.

And this center cross pattern I seen on line.  I got out the graph did some figuring and came up with an 18" block.  I am also narrowing down some patterns from quilters cache and other challenge participants.  So more new quilts will be started.  Check out what others in the RSC are working on. They will be linking up on Saturdays link


scraphappy said...

Sounds like you have already made a great start on using those scraps. Bonnie has so many scrap friendly projects. Love your block.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Good luck with using the stash pieces . . . like those majestic mountain blocks!

Anonymous said...

Great projects starts. Have fun. I´d like the first layout of the mountains.