Monday, January 20, 2014


 Sewing this week.  Still sticking with the blue fabric.  Made some 12" star blocks.  I have some fabric with a little gold sparkly flex in it so I used it all up in some star blocks.  I ended up with enough for 13 blocks.  Once I get the other 11 sewed up I'll have to decide on a layout.  Also I had to make a few of the 6" sampler blocks from So Scrappy .  Again no plan I just picked a couple and made 4 of each.  They are fun to make.
 Carpet layers are coming today and this is going to be the sewing room.  I can't wait.  I am so tired of having everything squeezed into the furnace room.  And the dust to finally be cleaned up.
 Family Room


scraphappy said...

So glad you were able to sew with everything picked up for the carpet layers. We got new carpet a few years ago and I still get tired just thinking about all the picking up and putting back. So many pretty blue blocks! Hope your scrap bin is feeling emptier.

Deb A said...

You picked the two blocks I would have to make a bunch of! Love them. Hope you are able to settle in quickly to your new room after all the carpet is down.