Friday, December 06, 2013

Fit for a Hero

Going to do the quilt along at Patchwork Times called Fit for a Hero.
  I started fabric search with the bright blue.  I got this fabric at a garage sale this summer for a couple dollars (it's a good quilt brand fabric that I recognized) there is a lot of yardage and this will be a good place to use it.  I want to use fabric from my stash and not have to buy any.  So I decided the light blue would be scrappy using these 4 blues.  
Since I didn't have enough of any one to reach the yardage I needed.  Next was the red.  I looked and looked in my stash for a red but could not find one that worked.  None of them seamed bright enough to go with the main blue.  So by luck I had this rust fabric out looking for rust fabric for Bonnie Hunters Quilt.  Picked it up to put it away and thought hey that looks really good with the blue.  So I have a rust instead of a red.  
 Once I found fabric I was happy with I got excited to get started sewing the quilt.  Because we had Thanksgiving stuff all weekend and basement finish stuff.  I couldn't start on any sewing till Monday.  The steps that Judy put out were easy to get done.  And I am mostly caught up now.  Need to sew up a few more pieces then they all need to visit the ironing board.  Linking to Judy Here.

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