Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 2010 Stash Report

Stash report for the month. I'm not doing good at reducing.

used 2 yds 8"

added 9 yds 16"

So that's unbusted
7 yds 8"

so as you can see the fabric on the shelf is growing I have 34" of fabric staked on top. My goal is to get it to fit on the shelves nothing on top.


Lori said...

At least you have control of your fabric. I really liked your quilts you have finished in 2009, saw you had a kitty inspector on one of them lol. :-) I have a few too.

Sandra's Sewing Room said...

Looking forward to what you might be sharing with us this 2010!

LC said...

Oh, I read your stash-busting posts and wonder if I should do that... and then wonder if the goal should be to just enjoy making quilts... or is that for people with unlimited budgets for fabric? and unlimited space to store it? SIGH!

adam said...
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Jaime Randle said...

Hi Lizzy. Great quilts! In what state are you located?

patricia belyea said...

I have been importing yukata fabric from Japan since November. Almost 100 bolts (12 yards each). Last week I cut into my stash (less 6 yards now). I am really busted!

Check out my indigo fabric at:

craftyantoinette said...

What a great goal to have. I like the way you think. ;-)