Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Getting them done in September

It's been a month since I reported on stash busted. I have been avoiding adding it up. I hit a very good quilters yard sale and made some fabric purchases. Yes almost 33 yards all wonderful very good brand name stuff that I am still drooling over. But I'm not touching it till October. I'm going to quilt up quilts this month. So my busted fabric for the year dropped down to an even 29yards busted. (and lots of turn over )

As for my September challenge....

After doing a couple blocks on this quilt I changed my mind about the quilting design. Had to think about it a few days then I ripped out a bunch of stitches and after a busy weekend gotten back to quilting. I am quilting a circles in the center of the blocks that get bigger and bigger each ring. My problem was when I reached the edges of the blocks with the circles I had to do something with the corners. I didn't like what I had done on the first 2 blocks. I decided to just do meandering quilting and fill in between the circles. I like the effect allot better. If you click on the photo I think you can see the quilting on the blocks. Hope to get this one done by tomorrow.

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Mrs Quilty said...

The quilting you did looks wonderful~! Great choice!