Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flying Days

Work, work, work, what can I say the days have been flying by. Our spec house sold after being on the market for 1 week. But we have to finish off the basement. So coordinating electricians, plumbers, and now making sure the drywallers and tapers don't make to big a mess of the upstairs. Yes the whole house is already covered with sawdust from the framing so a little drywall dust will just blend on in. And my main thing this week is to get a garage full of woodwork finished. So I can paint the walls next week. On the quilting front I try to get a little quilting done in the morning and maybe a half hour before I go to bed. I pulled the green nine patch out of my sewing machine last night and trimmed the edges this morning. I love this quilt I'll post about it when I get the binding on it.
And I hand stitched the last of the binding on scrap angels while I watched Biggest Loser on TV last night. Might of been the only time I
sat down yesterday and relaxed.
It has a nice cozy flannel fabric back.


Four O'Clock Quilt Company said...

Love the nine patch quilt! Are those one inch squares? That's the sort of quilt I love. Tiny pieces and bed sized, and scraps. Thanks for showing us the pic..

Jane said...

Oh, this is such a pretty quilt. I love it too! I'd love to make one similar. So many quilts I'd like to make!

LC said...

Very nice. Feels good to be getting things finished, doesn't it!

Janet said...

Wow. The 9 patch looks wonderful and like a lot of work. Nice results. Love the flannel print you picked for the other quilt. So cozy.

Blanket said...

It is worth the time you spend for your work.The leafy green design looks very good.

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