Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Design Wall Monday Blue Stars

Over at Judy L's she is asking what's on your design wall. So here it is. I've been adding the blue borders to these star blocks I inherited from my mother. I have to add a few more muslin sashing strips and then a border.


Janet said...

If I read it right, you are finishing a quilt that your mother started. Its beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to your mother, a memory for you and an heirloom for the future. I wish my mother had quilted but I did get to put her fabric scraps into a quilt. It was very theraputic for me when I lost her.

Hollie Murdock said...

That's so beautiful. My mother doesn't quilt either, but she does embroider (hmm...now I am realizing that I have no idea how to spell that.) I am new to quilting but hope that she and I can collaberate on a project when my skills improve.

Kelly said...

Beautiful quilt and great colors. Welcome back from vacation by the way.