Friday, April 24, 2009

2009 Stash Report Week 17

Stash busting my my my I would really like to whittle my stash down. But things like fabrics keep coming home with me. Like this bag.

I am minding my own business on my way home and you know they built this brand new Goodwill store a few blocks from my house a nice clean well run and organized store. I have to drive by it all the time. And of course I stop now and then you never know what you can find. Stuff goes in and out of there so fast it's scary what I might be missing. I also enjoy just looking at the junk they get in. One time I stopped with my daughter and we seen some one dropping off a cat tree house thing at the drop off doors. When we checked out the person in front of us was buying the cat house. A very fast turn around. Any way this bag of fat quarters 80 of them (I counted) was marked 10 dollars. How could I not buy them. So my stash busting took another big hit this week in the wrong direction. Ouch 20 yards. But if there were 2 bags I would of bought them both.
This week
fabric added 20 yds
Used 3 yds 15"
Year to Date
Added 63 yds 18"
Used 80yds 33"Fabric
Busted from Stash This Year: 17 yards 15"
My goal to bust 150 yds this year.


Lori in South Dakota said...

Yes, I would have joined you on that purchase!

Vicky said...

Great purchase! I wouldn't have passed that one up either.

Anonymous said...

I agree - what a find - I would have never expected to find fat quarters at a good will store. I have found and bought old blocks at flea markets since they are a great source of old fabrics to look at.


Brenda said...

That is one great find!! With turn around that fast, I would be checking it out more than once in awhile!! You have no idea what you are missing!!! (kidding!!! you could get yourself into trouble to, going there to often!!)

Enjoy your fabulous find and make sure they get used in wounderful things!!

Mary-Kay C. said...

What a great find. Some people have all the luck. Every time I go into the Goodwill store I can't find a thing but if I saw that fabric I would have bought it too!

Lori in South Dakota said...

my car has this "thing" in the front by the radiator, whenever we get near a quilt store, it just "sucks" me right there, around corners, past lights, right to the closest spot near the door. And refuses to start again until I go inside and look around. Yup, first time it happened I was driving along HWY 212 in MN, heading through a little town called "Bird Island". Yup, while I was stopped at the stop sign, my car suddenly took a left OFF the highway and parked. Did you KNOW they have a great store called "Gathering Friends" and publish several quilt books? WOW!

Karen said...

How could NOT buy such a great deal?