Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 Stash Report Week 12

Added this Week: 3 yds
Fabric Added Year to Date: 26 yds 18"Fabric

Used this Week: 2 yds 21"
Fabric Used Year to Date: 51 yds 32"Fabric

Busted from Stash This Year: 31 yards 9"

This week ended up better then I thought. Most of the fabric I used was for the Bears in the Farm house quilt from Judy and a few string blocks that I finished up. Last week we officially put our house up for sale and listed it with our real estate agent. My husband is a spec house builder and with the market the way it is we are being cautious. The market here hasn't dropped in price but it has just slowed and some price ranges are better then others. Since the house we're living in should sell fast I guess we need to go for it. So since last Monday the 16th the house has been shown every day and an open house last weekend. Not very easy to get started on a quilt project and the mess it makes. My sewing room is so nice and neat I just seat there and can't do much, or else it will make a mess. A realtor called right after I started this post and wanted to show the house in a half hour. What What What I went thought the cleaning routine again. I have it down pretty good by now. Our Realtor said our house should sell fast. If not hopefully one of the other houses we have might sell. Till then I have a very clean well organized staged house

One more little doll quilt got done.


Ye Merrie Quilter said...

You must have rental properties, then? Good luck with the sale, hope it goes quickly and in your price range! Cute doll quilt!

Conny said...

Nice colour. I love this doll quilts, but I have never done some before. So I have to do.Perhaps for my grandchild?