Saturday, January 17, 2009

DD Quilt

I have it done.

Last summer My brothers and I cleaned out my parents home. They have been in a nursing home for about a year they are happy and better off there then at home. My Mom did a little quilting a few years ago. Mostly taking classes with the neighbor ladies. She had 3 finished quilts and this one not yet quilted. We decided to give each of the grand daughters a quilt. And since no one else even sews I got this one to finish for my daughter. I have never made a quilt this big. The top was completed and the batting and back were all basted and ready for quilting. All I had to do was a lot of machine quilting then a lot of binding sewing but it is done. DD is so happy with it. I'm sure she will use as much as she can until years from now it falls apart.
It counts as my first finish for the year.


Soukies said...

What a beautiful quilt! I am sure it will not fall apart in any of our lifetimes!


Lady Hopwood said...

Lovely quilt and lovely story! I am sure your daughter will treasure it.