Saturday, November 22, 2008

2009 Goals

I have been thinking of goals for 2009. Here is a shot of all my flimsies. There is alot. I have........
*5 quilts I started hand quilting more then a year or two ago before I thought about machine quilting. I my never get these done I need to push myself.

*3 quilts basted and ready to machine quilt.

*12 finished quilt tops with the backing sewed and set aside.

*12 finished tops with out backs.

*4 tops that are pieced together but need a border around the out side.

*3 tops that I have the blocks done but not pieced together.

Okay that's 39. Now that I can machine quilt I know I can do more quilts then last year. Can I do 24 yes I can. But a real challenge would be 36. I think I am going to try for 29. Let's see 2 of the hand quilted quilts are about 4 blocks from being done. I have 3 quilts ready to be quilted. 5 quilts I plan on just tying and giving to a local charity that I like. They really appreciate the quilts and put them to good use. So that would make the first 10 pretty easy I should get them done the first month or 2. It would be so great to get these done.

I also want to join in on Judy L's Stash Busting in 2009. A yardage amount is hard to decide on. I wish my stash fit on a certain shelf but it's a couple stacks from fitting. If I can use 100 yards it would fit. But I am bound to add to my stash also so if I try for 150 yards........

I'm thinking yet. If a quilt uses about 9- 10 yards ruffly that's another 15 quilts. But I have about 18 quilt tops that need backing about 5 yards each that's 90 give or take. If I would get real serious about not buying any new stash I could set my goal for 200 yards that's probably to much to hope for. I think I will go for 150 yards of busted stash for 2009.

Okay I say talking to myself.

I am going to finish 29 quilts in 2009.

I am going to bust fabric in 2009 and have a net gain of 150 yards.

And as long as I'm making goals I'll add.... lose 25 pounds in 2009.

Now I have a month to think this over and prepare.


Anonymous said...

Good goals. You can do it! Read this post often as a reminder. Having said that, "Good Luck".

Jeanne said...

I agree. Good goals. I should adopt the same ones. Stay focused... you can do it.

swooze said...

Good goals. Good luck with them. I hadn't really formulated my goals yet other than knowing I want to bust stash. Just not sure how much.

Laurie said...

You are ambitious! Welcome to stash club. I'm new too.