Monday, May 12, 2008

B-1 Batchelor Buttons

My Applique is really bad on this one. I need to find a new technique to make circles.


elizabeth said...

Hi, I'm collecting blogs of Elizabeths so I thought I'd check you out. and I happen to know this fab quiltr who has this: great circle tutorial. I hope it helps.
-Elizabeth also

Autumn Moon said...

Just trace around an item you have that is the right size. Trace your circle onto Templar, a template plastic that is heat proof. Cut your fabric circle 2 cm larger in diameter than your template. Carefully sew a running (gathering) stitch 1/2 cm from the outside edge of your fabric. Cneter your Templar template in the center of tha fabric, and draw up the gathering stitches to make a circle. Press thoroughly to set your shape. Carefully remove the template when cool, pin your circle in place and ta da! a perfect circle!!