Thursday, July 20, 2006

Quilt Show

Went to a local quilt show last week. I was a little disappointed with the quilts that where on display. Nothing real inspiring. I did take a couple pictures to share. First is a really easy looking scrap quilt. I loved the colors.

And the second was from a booth of a LQS. I like this pattern, and the colors they used. Sorry don't remember pattern name. I need to write things down. I think it was prairie flowers or something like that.

Going away for the weekend won't be back until Monday. Hope you all have a nice weekend


Mama Koch said...

I've gone to shows where I left very disappointed and have drove clear across the state to go home empty handed.
Think it happens to us all. Your inspiration may have to come from an unexpected'll find it.

quiltpixie said...

the prairie flowers is pretty. I too have been to my share of quilt shows that have been un-inspiriing. Sometimes I think its partly the mood I'm in when I get there, sometimes its the critical/negative people I'm with, and sometimes its just because what I find inspiriing isn't represented at that show. Then there are the gems that you go to... Guess part of the admission price to the gems has been the non-gems :-)

Mary said...

I like the scrap quilt. Mom and I just finished a version of a double 4 patch and now I keep seeing differnt variations.

Screen Door said...

I Think the Prairie Flower quilt is from Backyard quilts, by Lisa Bonogean, but I'm not positive. I love the scrappy quilt. I have most dark country colors as fabric choices, I want to step out and do something with the 30's colors like this. It looks like my grandmother would have made this.
Thanks for sharing.
P.S. I've been to quilt shows with the same feeling. I think the internet is sometimes to blame because we see so much, it gets tougher to be 'wowwwwed' with local shows.

Linda_J said...

I know the feeling about attending some quilt shows--sometimes it is because everyone finished their quilt from a workshop and it all looks the same. I will never forget driving half way across IL to see what amounted to half a show of Around the Twists in assorted colors.

Sometimes it might because all of our tastes evolve over time and what you might have loved a couple years back is where these folks are at the moment.

I do like the pastel chained 9 patches though--at least I think that is what I saw on the closeup, LOL

Hanne said...

Maybe we also can not draw that much inspiration from a show anymore because we are very active on internet and have seen a lot ?
Thanks for sharing anyway :-)

Shelina said...

Thanks for the minishow. There are times when I have a craving for something to eat, but can't figure out what it is and have to go unfulfilled. I've gone to stores with cash in hand ready to buy something, and not been able to find a single thing I wanted. And of course lots of times I went shopping and wanted to buy everything in the store. And I've gone to shows where I couldn't get myself interested in a single thing, and gone the next day and had a grand time. Is it me? Is it them? Probably both.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzy,
The flower quilt pattern is called Garden of Stitches and is by Lisa Bongean from Backyard Quilts. The link is here
Thanks for sharing your pics .

Bonnie said...

Love the look of that scrap quilt.

Marcie said...

I'm a little late, but I want to say that your scrap quilts in the earlier post are terrific! I like the light and dark treatment of the Mary's Triangles blocks. That block is one of my favorites--so versatile.

Vicky said...

I got a spark of inspiration from the first quilt show picture. That would be a nice way to use up the last of the '30s fabrics hanging around! Bust those puppies into a quilt!

Quilt shows usually inspire me, but the last one I went to didn't for some reason. I wasn't enjoying the weekend very much, and it affected my attitude when looking at all the beautiful quilts.

Let's hope for an inspirational time at the next quilt shows for both of us!! :)