Friday, April 28, 2006

Pyramid Quilt

When I first started quilting I saved a picture a pyramid quilt and Always wanted to make one. So here is my version. I had purchased the blue fabric I used as the alternate block some where???? It had been in my stash for awhile. Before I cut it I washed it..... I now wash all my fabric first thing when I bring them home. Well after washing, the fabric faded unevenly.

Now what to do.

Being the frugal person I am and going with nothing is perfect.
I used it anyway. The quilt is about 1/3 quilted.

But now after the top is pieced I like it.
The uneven fabric makes it look antiqueish.
And adds to the country feel of the quilt.
Oh well.


Hanne said...

I really like your Pyramid quilt and your Log Cabin quilt :-)

Linda_J said...

It is beautiful, Lizzy. The uneven fading is not visible from the picture you posted but it seems to have softened the colors and as you said, makes it look old or antiqued.

cher said...

beautiful quilting on your quilts Lizzy...I like how you tackled the pyramid quilt because you wanted to make one so much.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Your blog is becoming a dangereous place for me to visit - I see so many beautiful quilts that I want to make too! I love how this one has an antique look to it. And look at all those tiny pieces - I just love tiny pieces!



Ann said...

I love the pyramid quilt! Great job. Reading the blogs has inspired me! I hope to spend the better part of today in the sewing room working on my baby quilts, so I'll have new pictures to post, too!

Patti said...

It looks great- really gives it an "old" look just as you said. I wouldn't worry at all about the uneven fading.